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Hazel Grove High School


UKMT Senior Mathematics Challenge

On Tuesday 7th November 2017 82,000 students across the UK sat the Senior Mathematics Challenge. Among them were 20 A-Level Mathematics students from Hazel Grove 6th form.

The challenge consists of 25 problem solving questions with a choice of five answers, however you have to be really sure you have worked it out correctly as marks are deducted for any incorrect answers!

The top 10% of students achieve a gold certificate, the next 20% a silver and the next 30% a bronze certificate. This year we had a lot of success with one student achieving a gold certificate and eight students achieving a bronze certificate. Alice Bentley was in the top 5% of all students in the UK and also qualified for next round, the Kangaroo challenge.

Here is a photo of the delighted students receiving their certificates in assembly.

 The Senior Mathematics Challenge is run by the UK Mathematics Trust and is supported by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. Look out for the Intermediate and Junior challenges coming later in the year for students in Years 7-11.



Here is a question to try for yourself:

One of the following numbers is prime. Which is it?

A 2017 – 2          B 2017 – 1          C 2017                 D 2017 + 1          E 2017 + 2