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Hazel Grove High School


Year 11 Letter Home

Dear Parent / Carer

Your child is fast approaching the end of KS4. Year 11 can be an exciting, as well as stressful time for students, as they face their final exams and decisions about their future. We write to you in order to outline the expectations and support available for students.


Positive behaviour plays a key part in order for students to be successful in their final exams. We expect all students to put in 100% effort in all lessons, attend sessions offered by staff and behave in accordance with the Hazel Grove High School Behaviour Policy.


In Year 11 we expect to fully focus on the education of our students; therefore, we expect behaviour to be exceptional at all times. We will not allow poor behaviour to affect the learning of any student, nor do we expect to be dealing with friendship issues or issues with social networking. We expect all students to be in all lessons, learning. With this in mind, all behaviour issues will be dealt with in a timely manner, consistently and fairly. Students will be issued with consequences if their behaviour falls below the expected level. Students will be expected to sign behaviour contracts if their behaviour consistently falls below the expected level and can run the risk of exclusions and further sanctions. We will not at any point tolerate any anti social behaviour at lunch or break time this includes football chanting. Students unable to meet basic expectations of school behaviour will be isolated during social times.

Benefits of Year 11

Being in Year 11 does have its benefits too. The Year 11 benefit most students who work hard and follow the rules look forward to is an invite to the class of 2019 prom. Towards the end of Year 11, students will also have the chance to purchase hoodies and yearbooks to remind them of their time at Hazel Grove High School. Finally, the biggest benefit of Year 11 is gaining as many good qualifications as possible and having a wide range of post 16 options available.

Please remember that the Sixth Form application deadline is Friday 21st December with interviews starting in January.

Yours faithfully

Mr B Vickers

Deputy Head Teacher