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Hazel Grove High School


Work Experience Info Year 10 & 12

This week students in Year 10 and Year 12 have had assemblies about Work Experience that takes place on 01 July - 05 July for Year 12 and 08 July - 12 July for Year 10.  

Students have been briefed about ensuring they have made appropriate contact with their employer for the week, as well as other important information about conduct and safety.  Please see the attached PDF from the assembly.  

Students will also receive a Work Experience Booklet and a "Employer Letter" in mentoring this week.  These have more important information to be aware of.  We will be using the Work Experience booklets to prepare the students during Mentoring. 

Any parents of Year 10 or Year 12 please note that in the case of illness/absence/non attendance from Work Experience it is important to contact both the School and the Work Placement.  Please work through the booklet with your son/daughter - any issues speak to Mr Street -