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Hazel Grove High School


Sixth form Performance table

Hazel Grove Sixth Form 16 to 18 performance in 2016

These figures tell you about performance of students at Hazel Grove Sixth Form at the 16 to 18 phase of education). These figures were published in January 2017 and relate to students who completed their 16 to 18 studies in the summer of 2016, except where stated otherwise.

Number of students who studied each type of qualification at this school or college in 2016:

A levels

49 students


49 students

Applied general


Tech levels


School / college score      -0.29

Average Result                  C-

Grade and points for a student's best 3 A-levels

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A best 3 A levels score is calculated for each student by adding together the points in their best 3 A levels, then summed across a school or college, then divided by three to give a best 3 A levels points per entry, and this is also expressed as a grade.

Grade: C
28.65 points
(42 students)